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Jack Hanna the American Zookeeper who is the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, joins Billy to talk about his life. he gives us insight into how he got started and worked his way to a successful career, TV show, and much more. 

Episode 4:

Yusuf Ahmarudeen & Osman Jama

Yusuf Ahmarudeen and Osman Jama join Billy and dive deep into their stories of coming to the United State and their religious beliefs. They share their journey of coming to America and hardships they’ve had to face in doing so. Although they have different views on their respective religions, they remain close friends who care and support one another. 

Join us for this episode with Cody O’Connor. Cody is a 23 year old who shares his story about how his life changed forever when he was just 14 years old. Listen as Cody shares how his non-profit Champions Do Overcome got started and where they are headed.

For more information on Cody O’Connor and Champions Do Overcome visit 

Episode 2:

Alex baptiste

Join us with Alex Baptiste who shares his story about his journey from France to the United State with a dream to play basketball. Alex talks about the struggles of growing up, working to support his dream, and how he was eventually able to make it all happen.

Episode 1:

Ken Bailey,
The tech Sherpa

Join us for our very first podcast with our tech guru, Ken Bailey. He is the CEO of The Tech Sherpa. He sits down with IronRoad’s CEO, Billy Southerland to talk all things technology, hackers, and the dark web. 

For more information on Ken Bailey and The Tech Sherpa, visit

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